WESTERLY — London Armitage and Megan Marcille won two events each as the Ocean Community YMCA Dolphins beat the Mystic YMCA Hammerheads, 435-178, on Oct. 30.

Armitage won the girls 15-and-over 100 backstroke and the 100 freestyle. Marcille won the 100 breaststroke and the 200 individual medley. Lilly Robinson won the 200 freestyle and Aurora Mott the 500 freestyle.

First-place finishers in the girls 13-14 division were Valerie Conley, 50 freestyle; Felicity Kusher, 500 freestyle; and Casey Macera, 100 butterfly.

Alexia McCabe won the 100 freestyle and the 50 butterfly in the girls 11-12 division. Other first-place finishers in the age group were Olivia O'Neil, 200 freestyle; Gabriella Donnarummo, 50 backstroke; and Dahlyla Belanger, 200 individual medley.

In the girls 9-10 division, Jillian Brunelle won the 50 backstroke, and Skye McCabe was first in the 50 butterfly.

In the girls 8-and-under division, Willow Schoen was first in the 25 freestyle and the 50 freestyle. Maria Vyatkin placed first in the 25 backstroke and the 25 breaststroke.

In the boys 15-and-over division, Benjamin Leal was first in the 100 freestyle and the 200 freestyle. Jesse Brunelle won the 50 freestyle, Ethan Sweet the 100 backstroke, and Luke Donato the 500 freestyle.

First-place winners in the boys 13-14 division were Ian Morisette, 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle; Henry Kenyon, 50 freestyle; Ian Morissette, 200 freestyle; and Colby Champlin, 100 breaststroke.

Evan Morissette won the 200 freestyle in the 11-12 division.

Hudson Schcoen won the 50 breaststroke and the 100 IM in the 9-10 division. Other first-place winners were Enzo Gynther, 50 freestyle; Samuel Conley, 100 freestyle; Martin Pascale, 50 backstroke; and Wilson Mott, 50 butterfly.

First-place winners in the 8-and-under division were Connor Ma, 25 backstroke and 50 freestyle; Mason Sicard, 25 freestyle; and Holden Mott, 25 breaststroke.

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