WESTERLY — Sixteen swimmers won two individual events as the Ocean Community YMCA team defeated Smithfield, 532-169, on Saturday.

Girls winning two races were Jillian Burnelle, Maeve Nicholas and Brynn Lamb (8 and under); Alexia McCabe (9-10); Abby Urgo, Abbey Donato (11-12); Erin vonHousen, (13-14) and Jessica Burke (15 and over)

Those winning a race were Gabby Donnarummo,  Olivia O'Neil and Abigail Champlin (9-10); Penelope Nicolas (11-12); Maggie Taplin (13-14) and London Armitage (15 and over).

Boys winning two individual races were Enzo Gynther (8 and under); Benjamin Labonte and Owen Nicholas (9-10); Colby Champlin, Ben Wu (11-12); Mike Urgo, Jesse Brunelle (13-14); North Infante and Madigan Hiltz (15 and over).

Those winning a race were Brent Alvino, Hudson Schoen amd Mott Meunier (8 and under); Benjamin Yates and Brody Kenyon (9-10); Nicholas Propatier (11-12); Jack Kenyon, Ben Leal (13-14); Shawn Eddy-Joost, C.J. Sheldon, Brandon Larossa and Ryan Imhof (15-16).

— Keith Kimberlin

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