WESTERLY — A Somerville, Massachusetts man topped the field in the Surftown Half Marathon on Sunday.

Louis Serafini completed the 13.1-mile course in 1:06:46. Patrick Gregory of Brookline, Massachusetts was second in 1:06:58.

Amy Totorello of Brookline, Massachusetts was the first female finisher in 1:20:52, 13th overall. Hannah Rowe of Boston was close behind placing 15th in 1:22.

Steven deCastro of Pawcatuck was the first local runner across the line placing 17th in 1:24:02.

Melanie Diamanti of Pawcatuck was the first local female finisher placing 118th in 1:42:38.

The event had 943 finishers.

The race is conducted by the Hartford Marathon Foundation.

A 5K race was also run on Sunday. Caitlin Abelseth of Brighton, Massachusetts was first in 18:47. Ryan Reed of Chester, Connecticut was second in 19:10.

Sam Rindell was the first local finisher placing 16th in 22:07. Summer Bruno of Westerly was the first local female finisher placing 33rd in 24:13.

Local finishers in the Surftown Half Marathon were:


Steven deCastro, Pawatuck, 17th, 1:24:02; Michael Allen, Stonington, 38th, 1:31:15; Eric Reubelt, Pawcatuck, 50th, 1:34:03; Wes Jackson, Mystic, 52nd, 1:34:19; Daniel Brannegan, Pawcatuck, 65th, 1:36:42; Chad Fleming, Mystic, 81st, 1:38:42; Brian Anderson, Pawcatuck, 87th, 1:39:04; Jim Tiernan, Pawcatuck, 94th, 1:39:48.


Sam Luzzi, Westerly, 108th, 1:41:24; Evan Jennings, Westerly, 114th, 1:42:18; Reginald Preston, Pawcatuck, 115th, 1:42:31; Melanie Diamanti, Pawcatuck, 118th, 1:42:38; Aaron Thieme, Pawcatuck, 120th, 1:42:51; Caleb Bailey, Mystic, 132nd, 1:43:48; Dave Meston, Stonington, 148th, 1:44:45; Ryan Duffy, Mystic, 151st, 1:44:48; Hannah Marshburn, Westerly, 178th, 1:46:45; Heather Geyer, Stonington, 183rd, 1:47:14; Peter Ansel, Hope Valley, 200th, 1:48:19.


Linda Cunningham, Pawcatuck, 202nd, 1:48:25; Greg Hunter, Mystic, 204th, 1:48:35; Brian Valente, Westerly, 224th, 1:49:54; Renz Buhawe, Westerly, 228th, 1:50:22; Karen Dobley, North Stonington, 245th, 1:51:16; Jill Sisco, Westerly, 247th, 1:51:27; Nicholas Lombardo, Westerly, 249th, 1:51:28; Eric Beverly, Pawcatuck, 250th, 1:51:33; Tracy Baker, Westerly, 253rd, 1:51:38; Margaret Patrick, Westerly, 272nd, 1:52:48; Timothy Pont, Bradford, 275th, 1:53:22; Nick Bouchard, Westerly, 295th, 1:54:32.


Benjamin Murphy, Westerly, 302nd, 1:54:48; Drew Jalbert, Westerly, 312th, 1:55:35; Christian Dean, Westerly, 318th, 1:55:53; Ann Moore, Westerly, 334th, 1:56:26; Jeanene Sawyer, Ashaway, 343rd, 1:56:49; Ashley Champagne, Mystic, 345th, 1:56:55; Amy Manning, Pawcatuck, 359th, 1:57:37.


David Schrage, Stonington, 401st, 1:59:50; Katrina Loomis, Stonington, 402nd, 1:59:53; Charles LaCour, Stonington, 404th, 2:00:00; Jennifer Gray, Stonington, 418th, 2:00:47; Benjamin Levesque, Pawcatuck, 427th, 2:01:14; Melanie Connelly, Charlestown, 435th, 2:01:42; Caitlin Jagoda, Charlestown, 477th, 2:04:33; Zachary Pearson, Mystic, 481st, 2:04:38.


Taylor Calibo, Mystic, 508th, 2:06:40; James Kading, Pawcatuci, 510th, 2:06:57; Bridget Gamache, Westerly, 526th, 2:07:40; Tiffany Rindell, Westerly, 533rd, 2:07:54; Michael Luther, Westerly, 572nd, 2:10:29; Katherine Dawley, Mystic, 590th, 2:11:37; Kate D’Amico, Hope Valley, 594th, 2:12:00.


Cheryl Konsavitch, North Stonington, 619th, 2:13:44; Justine Matachun, Hope Valley, 624th, 2:14:09; Allison Hayes, Mystic, 664th, 2:16:50; Rebecca Troeger, Mystic, 666th, 2:16:52; Louise O’Boyle, Stonington, 672nd, 2:17:22; Victoria Dean, Westerly, 674th, 2:17:37; Joseph Cassiere, Mystic, 675th, 2:17:41; Kelly Giordano, Wyoming, 678th, 2:17:50;


Jess Unikewicz, Westerly, 701st, 2:19:14; Jill Beauchamp, Westerly, 702nd, 2:19:15; Nicole Killeen, Bradford, 712th, 2:19:43; Alex Phelps, Pawcatuck, 719th, 2:20:57; Ashley Rogers, Mystic, 721st, 2:21:12; Paul Underwood, Pawcatuck, 725th, 2:21:26; Stacey Noreika, Mystic, 730th, 2:22:00; Christine Scala, Mystic, 731st, 2:22:00; Shaina McGinity, Bradford, 749th, 2:24:03; Amy Tiernan, Pawcatuck, 765th, 2:24:48; Lorri Dean, Westerly, 768th, 2:25:16; Megan Broneill, North Stonington, 783rd, 2:26:40; Tammy Toriello, Westerly, 791st, 2:27:48.


Nicole Micklich, Westerly, 802nd, 2:29:00; Kaitlin Haubner, Westerly, 858th, 2:39:23; Robin Geise, Stonington, 862nd, 2:40:15; Alison Holt, Stonington, 863rd, 2:40:15; Neal Bobruff, Stonington, 866th, 2:40:45; Peggy Pellan, Mystic, 875th, 2:42:51; ichael Gerry, Mystic, 914th, 2:52:15; Andrew Gray, Westerly, 934th, 3:01:04; Kathalina Fabian-Fontenot, North Stonington; 935th, 3:01:12; Ashley Benn, Westerly, 936th, 3:02:13.

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