CHARLESTOWN — Derek Jakeboski of Bristol topped the field in the Li'l Rhody Runaround 10-mile trail race Sunday at Burlingame State Park.

Jakeboski covered the course in 1:02.15. Adam Janik of Providence was second in 1:04:14.

Mark Olivier of North Stonington was the top local finisher placing third in 1:04:21.

Sandy Spitler of Newport was the top female finisher placing 19th overall in 1:13:30.

Results from the event lacked the hometowns of many finishers.

The next nine local male finishers among those with hometowns listed were Jonathan Hammett, Charlestown (12th, 1:08:23), Justin Bentley, Ashaway (14th, 1:09:12), Jeff Walker, Westerly (15th, 1:09:42), Seth Acton, Charlestown (25th, 1:16:28), Thomas Olendorf, Mystic (31st, 1:17:58), Sebastian Reisch, Westerly (32nd, 1:18:47), Brent Adair, Mystic (41st, 1:22:12) Kevin Murphy, Pawcatuck, (48th, 1:22:55) and Justin Pearce, Westerly (1:25:21, 52nd).

The top 10 local female finishers were Elise Huysman, Pawcatuck (69th, 1:30:31), Pam Dolan, Mystic (82nd, 1:34:59), Jennifer Massengale, Mystic (88th, 1:39:21), Stacey Leitz, Westerly (96th, 1:41:35), Carol Ann Gray, Pawcatuck (100th, 1:44:44), Heather Alge, Hopkinton (108th, 1:47:04), Lori Iskander, Charlestown (109th, 1:47:15), Elizabeth Marchetti, Pawcatuck (118th, 1:50:33) Annie Campbell, Charlestown (122nd, 1:51:33) and Gwen Henry, Westerly, 123rd, 1:52:14.

The race had 158 finishers.

Jeffrey Frost of Medford, Massachusetts won the 4-mile trail race in a time of 30:45. Angie Thomas was the top female finisher placing fourth in 31:10.

The top five local male finishers were Nick Alge, Hopkinton (third, 31:05), Paul Gray, Pawcatuck (23rd, 37:57), Larry Bognet, Mystic (31st, 39:49), Jackson Hammett, Carolina (35th, 40:08) and Brandon Tallardy, Westerly (51st, 48:11).

The top five local female finishers were Amy Rice, Ashaway (11th, 33:56), Ashley Greene, Westerly (13th, 34:12), Julia Beasely, Charlestown (34th, 40:00), Julia Basile, Charlestown (41st, 43:18) and Alana Olendorf, Mystic (50th, 48:10).

The event had 82 finishers.

— Keith Kimberlin

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