Pond View Junior League

Feb. 23-24 Results

Flight 1

Jake Stiger def. Riley Hughes, 10-6; Ainsley Johnstone def. Flynn Sullivan, 9-7; Maddie Hamm def. Kyle Remmert, 8-7 (2); William Maynard def. Liam Gagnon, 9-8.

Flight 2

Mackenzie Montoya def. Quinn Hamilton, 10-4; Cam Crook def. JD Dauphinais, 10-6; Dominick Lombard def. Kaleigh Pasell, 8-6; Alexa Clark def. Lily Tria, 10-4.

Flight 3

Caden Wilson def. Katie Johnstone, 10-5.

Flight 4

Campbell Gladski def. Mia Lewandowski, 10-5.

Flight 5

Rich Engelman def. Sofia Cronister, 10-3; Maya Giles def. Tyler Scarchelli, 10-1; Maggie Stahl def. Aaron Montoya, 10-5.

Mixed Flights

Larissa Anika def. Devin Brough, 7-6; Reese Montoya def. Evan Waldheger, 10-5; Lainey Corina def. Ivy Cote, 7-4; TJ Denault def. Sophie Halloran, 10-7; Camden Kelly def. Noah Dussault, 10-5; Asher Henry def. Elena Murdock, 10-8.

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