Pond View Racquet Club

Junior League Results, Dec. 4-5

Flight 1

Dominick Lombard def. Ivy Cote, 10-3.

Cam Crook def. Maddie Gonzalez, 10-1.

Camden Kelly def. Joel Henry, 10-4.

Alex Rindell def. Hayes Goodman, 10-4.

Rhys Urbec def. Campbell Gladski, 10-2.

Flight 2

Matt Turrisi def. Kylee Whelan, 10-3.

Noah Dussault def. Aaron Montoya, 10-3.

Maddie Mattitucci def. Rocco Grasso, 10-3.

Flight 3

Candace Zangari def. Olivia Soucy, 10-6.

Mallorey Clark def. Maddie Wilkinson, 10-6.

Brock Crowley def. Erica Nyberg, 10-8.

Zach Brandies def. Gwendolyn McGugan, 10-9 (2).

Aaron Fulling def. Samantha Harris, 10-5.

Abi Oxley def. Elliot Roman, 10-8.

Flight 4

Catherine Cindrich def. Donnie Gardner, 10-6.

Mathew Palmer def. Ruby Bigda, 9-8 (1).

Margie Oxley def. Addison Ralphs, 10-9 (3).

Flight 5

Grace Hall def. Lily Jackson, 9-6.

Everett McGugan def. Sam Brandies, 10-7.

Sakura Downing def. Molly Owren, 10-3.

Jocelyn Slocum def. Rory Brayman, 7-6.

Ben Kisilywicz def. Anna Todisco, 10-4.

Mixed Flights

Prosper Lin def. James Blakeney, 10-2.

Jeffrey Hill def. Faith Owren, 10-3.

Robbie Wade def. Phoebe Hodnett, 10-5.

Marin Roman def. Travis Liese, 10-2.

Virginia Royce def. Avery Rindell, 10-3.

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