CRANSTON —  Mike Gouin posted the low gross score in Flight A with an 87 during the South Eastern New England Senior Golf Association event on May 20 at Cranston Country Club.

Larry Sullivan was next with an 87. Henry DiPrete was first in points with zero. Joe LaPere was second with -1.

All ties on the day were broken with a match of cards.

In Flight B, Jim Heffron shot a 90 and Tom Gianelli had a 92. Al Holden was first in points with zero and Armand Calouro finished with -3.

Frank Gallo topped Flight C with an 88. Fred Bartkiewicz followed with an 89. Ron Angotta finished with five points and Don Cimini two.

In Flight D, Bill Welsh shot a 92 and Walt Doblecki finished with a 94. John Garvey had two points and Frank Socha zero.

Duke Formica topped Flight E with a 97 followed by Stan Ehrlich with a 99. Jules Cohen and Joe Kulbaski had two points each. Cohen won on the tiebreaker.

Len Kaminski topped Flight F with a 103. Neil Sklaroff finished with a 107. Chandler Peirce finished with nine points and Nick Capobianco had seven.

The event had 121 finishers.

Pepin shoots 79

WATERFORD — Lionel Pepin posted the Flight A low gross score with a 79 on Thursday at Great Neck Country Club.

Rob Charette was next with an 81. Low net honors went to Scott Beattie (73) who tied with Al Sequin. All ties on the day were broken with a match of cards.

Joe LaPere topped Flight B with an 87 besting Rick Smith on the tiebreaker. Net honors went to Russ Berube (71) and Roy Wieselquist (73).

In Flight C, Bob Blinn topped the field with an 85. Armand Calouro also shot 85. Net honors went to Ron Angotta (64) and (67).

Larry DeBarros was first in Flight D with an 85 and Joe Vadala shot 90. The top net scores were posted by Frank Gallo (72) and John Uhock (73).

In Flight E, gross honors went to John LaBossiere (91) and Art Johnson (99). Ed Schilke had the best net score with a 71 and Peter Heller had a 74.

John Pelt had the best gross score in Flight F with a 97 followed by Justin Paoloni's 99.

Ed Stratton had the top net score (76) followed by Bill Serio (78). The event had 88 players.

— Keith Kimberlin

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