ELLINGTON — Stonington High received a big performance from goalie Massa Traboulsi and controlled possession to upset No. 2 Ellington, 8-6, in the Class S girls lacrosse quarterfinals Saturday.

Ellington scored with about three minutes left to cut the Stonington lead to one, 7-6. The Knights later had a point-blank shot that Traboulsi stopped with about a minute left in the game.

The 10th-seeded Bears regained possession after the stop, and Ivy Goodman scored one of her three goals with 38 seconds remaining to put the Bears ahead, 8-6.

Traboulsi finished with 12 saves.

"It was a very good win, and the girls played very well," Stonington coach Jeff Medeiros said. "Massa had a very good game."

Rachel Sabbadini scored twice, as did Elle Thompson. Morgan Detwiler had a goal, and Goodman an assist.

Medeiros said one of the keys to the victory was the Bears' ability to control the ball for long stretches. They led 4-2 at the half.

"We got an early lead and just sat on the ball. Their defense was stout, but they didn't come out," Medeiros said. "If they weren't going to come out, we were just going to pass the ball around.

"Late in the first half, we brought our defense up and my goalie just stood there and held the ball for the final two minutes of the half. We probably held the ball for 15-20 minutes of play. We don't have a lot of depth, and it was a hot day. So that really helped us."

Medeiros said Gabriella Dimock won the majority of the draws and was a big factor on the defensive end.

"I don't think they were used to the backer defense that we play. And we were in their face right from the start," Medeiros said. "Gabby did a great job. They had a hard time passing over the zone. Gabby's 5-9 and when she holds the stick up it's like she's 7 feet tall. We had a lot of knockdowns and takeaways."

Medeiros said Ellington got back in the game when Stonington committed turnovers.

Ellington finished the season 16-2. Stonington (11-5) next travels to No. 3 New Fairfield (14-2) on Tuesday for the semifinals. The time of the game has not been finalized.

— Keith Kimberlin

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