NEW PRESTON, Conn. — Stonington High's boys novice boat won the state championship in its race at the 20th annual Connecticut Public Schools Rowing Association championships at Lake Warmaug State Park Sunday.

The boat took the lead in the final third of the race to win in a time of 5:02.2 on the 1,500 meter course. Glastonbury was second (5:05.4). Six boats competed.

Those in the winning boat were Jack Perkins, Chris White, Baxter Menzies, Sam Youtt, Owen Phelan, George Rodgers, Patrick Obrey, Nate Garrett and coxswain Brendan Fullerton.

“The last time a novice boys crew won a state championship was 2011,” novice coach John Thornell said in a press release from the team. “Today’s success is the result of the boys’ drive and willingness to improve. I’m excited for them, and can’t wait to see what they do in the future.”

Stonington's second girls boat placed second with a time of 5:31.8 trailing only Simsbury (5:27.8).

Maria Martuscello was the coxswain. Others in the boat were Maggie Daley, Anne Drago, Maura Nowak, Eileen Ackley, Lucy Chomowicz, Julia Chomowicz, Leila Robarge and Abbie Gibson.

This is the final season for varsity girls coach Maria Brown.

“It has been a rewarding seven years with the program,” Brown said. “I’m so happy about introducing Stonington High School students to this wonderful sport. The V2 girls worked hard all season and continued to improve, up to today’s race.“

Stonington's Varsity 2 boys boat placed third with a time of 4:56.6.

Those in the boat were Antonio Reale, Cooper Olson, Michael Morse, Jack Ryan, Anthony Pont, Adam Rajab, Cristian deCastro, Jack Stajduhar and coxswain Mateo Olmedo.

“The boys put together their best race of the season today,” head coach and boys varsity coach Tyler Page said. “I’m thrilled for them.”

Some of Stonington's boats will be competing in the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championships Saturday in Worcester, Mass.

— Keith Kimberlin

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