Perry Sabourin

Chariho’s Perry Sabourin was second-team All-Class and All-Division in the long jump during the indoor track season. He was hoping to build on that success for the outdoor season in the spring. Harold Hanka, The Westerly Sun

CHARLESTOWN — Perry Sabourin figured he had quite a bit of unfinished business as he approached the spring outdoor season for Chariho High's track and field team.

Sabourin was hoping to turn in a quality performance at the state championship meet in the long jump, his best event. It was something that had eluded him.

"My first season [in outdoor track] I made states, but didn't do as well as I wanted to. I made it to indoor states this year and didn't do as well as I was hoping," said Sabourin, who graduated earlier this month. "I was really looking forward to this [outdoor] season and hopefully getting to New Englands."

Sabourin was also looking forward to the season for other reasons before it was wiped out by the coronavirus pandemic.

"I was definitely looking forward to hanging out with my friends," he said. "A lot of kids were coming over from football and we had recruited a lot of new guys that I was friends with to the team. It was going to be a fun season and we were going to be very competitive."

Sabourin, who earned second-team All-Southern Division and second-team All-Class B honors in the long jump during the indoor season, said it was very disappointing to not have a spring season.

"I was pretty bummed about it," he said. "I was still working out hoping they would find a way to resume the season."

Sabourin played volleyball his first two seasons at Chariho, but decided to give track a try his junior year. He had participated in the sport during this three years of middle school.

"Our volleyball coach was stepping down and it made for an easier transition to track," he said. "I just wanted to try a different sport. I was always interested in track."

Sabourin will attend the University of Central Florida in Orlanda, Fla., in the fall. His older sister, Paris, is already a student there. Sabourin plans to major in wildlife biology and hopes to be a wildlife biologist one day.

Sabourin said his years at Chariho have helped him grow as a person.

"I would say the last two years being a track captain have helped me with leadership. I find it easier talking with people and making friends," Sabourin said.

What advice would he give an incoming freshman to Chariho?

"I would say definitely get into sports. It can help you make friends, keep you active and busy," Sabourin said. "Do your work. Don't fall behind. And for Chariho especially, get your portfolio done. A lot of people struggle with that."

What would Sabourin tell the country's political leaders?

"I would tell them to fix the curriculum issues in our school. Students need to be better prepared for things that will happen in the future and not work on assignments that deal with the past," he said. "We need more curriculum that is technology based."

Sabourin said he draws inspiration from his mother, Kara.

"She was that one that got me into track in the first place — she was an assistant coach in middle school," Sabourin said. "Ever since then I loved it."

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