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For a moment, close your eyes and think back to the classroom of your youth. Do you see rows of desks, a teacher at a podium, a chalkboard, or children sitting in silence? Now, let us help you visualize today and tomorrow’s classroom. Do you see a vibrant learning environment with endless possibilities, which mirrors future careers, promotes collaboration, and problem-solving? Think about technology, experiential learning opportunities, and the excited discourse of engaged students. Imagine students sitting in visually pleasing environments with their own device, on comfortable furniture, with flexible spaces that allow varied learning experiences.

Westerly’s Legacy Plan will provide our current and future students the opportunity to learn in environments that are safe, environmentally friendly, quality-controlled air, and equitable. Students will thrive educationally and social-emotionally as they engage in buildings that are constructed to meet the specific needs of primary learners in Pre-K through Grade 2 and intermediate learners in Grades 3 through 5. This design is aligned with the standards-based curriculum work in English language arts, mathematics, and science. The design will also improve collaboration among teachers, which, according to research, is one of the highest indicators of student achievement.

Do we want our district to be a world-premier or stay status quo? Do you want our students — your children, grandchildren, and future community citizens and leaders — to continue to learn in environments that exist today or in classrooms that are new and modern?

Westerly is a beautiful place to raise your family. We have access to the best beaches in New England, a town that supports the arts, and a community where we come together to support each other. So come together on Oct. 10, 2019, and make the right choice — the only choice in our opinion — for the future of Westerly, and leave your legacy. Please vote “Yes” on Question #1 and approve the school building project!

Audrey Faubert, Susan Martin

and Steven Morrone

Faubert lives in Westerly and is the principal of State Street School; Martin lives in Seekonk, Mass., and is the principal of Springbrook School. Morrone lives in Westerly and is the principal of Dunn’s Corners School.

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