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In J. Lawrence Dunn’s letter titled, “Stick with CCA to keep Charlestown rural” (The Westerly Sun, Sept. 29), Larry talks about driving south along Route 1 from East Greenwich. As he entered Charlestown he said that he could see the open space and rural setting along Route 1 and it was so much better and not quite the same when compared to that along the highway in the other towns he drove through.

As a native of Charlestown and a longtime political party chairman in town, I have known Larry Dunn a long time. I also remember when he was chairman of the town’s Planning Commission, which led us to have more than one acrimonious disagreement, one of which was the approval of the site plan and zoning variance for the site of the current Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant located at the junction of Route 1A and Narrow Lane, which was constructed and is owned by one of his closest friends. The Narrow Lane exit off the northbound lanes on Route 1 leading to Charlestown Beach is one of the busiest exits in town and is very congested during the summer months.

When Larry traveled from Wakefield toward Charlestown along Route 1 he obviously had a driver and apparently was asleep, I suspect because it is far more rural-looking along that stretch of Route 1 than it is in Charlestown. Moreover, when Larrry pulled into his own driveway near what once was the King Tom Farm, he must have had one eye closed, because he never mentioned or said anything about the land there that he subdivided into house lots.

Ooops! Doesn’t that shout, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say?”

What an excellent example for everyone to “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, for they run with the foxes and bark like the hounds.”

James M. Mageau


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