We are thanking The Sun for last month’s letter making its way into the news (back then, it was Valentine’s Day being highlighted). Now, we have the good green luck to be honoring another traditional soul: St. Patrick’s Day. This subject matter touches us all lovingly, because each one of us is born to grow spiritually, and that is a natural desire to move diligently in that highly respected direction to life’s long-sought spiritual goal at last. Progress we enjoy, sharing love together is a joyous time, so I am writing this letter for all. (This makes us fondly remember and give big thanks to the kind, sweet Utter family, who created The Westerly Sun newspaper every day for everyone, for the many families everywhere.)

The editor back then in the 1900s accepted/published all my letters (around 30 or so, I estimate), plus quite a lot of other articles I wrote along the lines of lots of people’s interests, from near and far. The feedback has been quite great. Sorry to have lost some of those writings/letters due to my working duties, etc. Sometimes I had to be out of the country, teaching Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s transcendental meditation program and other enjoyable related projects. Maharishi is the founder of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement. We are wishing those much-needed letters I wrote could just somehow magically return; they contained a wealth of knowledge of how glorious our precious life can be, as this age of enlightenment is settling in and growing smoothly.

Maharishi started up all the many educational endeavors whose humanitarian workings will be giving much help to the whole world for thousands of years to come. I feel so fortunate to be helping him with whatever I can do, and I give thanks. May now and all the future be blessed with only good. We deserve the best, thank God. Happy celebrations to everyone, with the traditional saintly atmosphere permeating wherever we may be at any time as a good luck charm to all. Hope this upliftment is being felt already.

Do you and your family have their Happy Heaven on Earth birthdays yet? Mine is this month in March 2019. Take good care, and so long for now. This March 17, a Sunday, the strong waxing moon is good for achieving.

William S. Marr


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