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This letter is in response to “We’re fortunate Cotter will fight for Chariho,” published on Wednesday, by Kristen Chambers of Richmond. Considering her letter she is more than a member of the Richmond Democratic Town Committee. I am more than a member of the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee. This letter represents my views and I am solely responsible for them.

Ms. Chambers needs to logically question why Republicans in Hopkinton and Richmond did exceptionally well in 2022. Charlestown, Richmond and Hopkinton, Republicans generally speaking, at least, ran more candidates in 2022 than in recent times. She needs to ask that question and answer it honestly. Suggesting the voters were uninformed or misled is not fair. The fact is they were not buying the left-wing nonsense! Both sides need to be on the alert on the national level. The country is roughly evenly divided, it clearly seems.

She talks about “destroying public schools.” Part of the problem with public education today is special interests and agendas. Education deserves more support. The Republicans last controlled Rhode Island having both the governorship and the both houses of the Rhode Island General Assembly at the same time was 1939-41. So since that time the Democrats pretty much controlled the state,and they have controlled the Rhode Island House of Representatives since January 1941; over 80 years now. That body has the most say over revenue and taxes. What good excuse can you make for Ms. Chambers? And yes, Ms. Chambers, the Rhode Island State Constitution, Article #12, Section #1, directs the state legislature to promote education. Your party took a stand for students and taxpayers? I think not totally, as you have interests pressuring you too! The Democrats have controlled both houses continously of the state legislature since January 1959.

The immediate real serious question as I write this, is today I learned that the proposed 2022-23 Chariho budget will put Hopkinton over the state-imposed budget cap for municipalities. The ability of town governments to keep taxes in check and provide town services are a concern because of school budgets.

I agree with Benjamin Franklin, quoted in Ms. Chambers letter: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Franklin visited Westerly and visited with Dr. Joshua Babcock many times, a great-granduncle of mine! I had to get that in as Ms. Chambers seems to be concerned with my genealogical interests in my letters!

In closing, readers can contact me at 491-525-4131,, and town business only at

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is vice president of the Hopkinton Town Council.

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