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In the newspapers and on TV there are a lot of commentators commiserating about immigration, the high cost of health care and affordable housing. All of the socialist promoters in our universities are calling for the government to “do something.” They overlook the fact that these problems are created or made worse by government.

They say that this country was built by immigrants. Well, yes, literally. They came to get jobs building railroads and canals. It was common for young men to come to this country, work, and save enough money to go back to Europe and buy a farm. Land was available but people had to make farms to get ownership of it. Today people around the world “asylum shop” to find the country that will give them the most “socialist benefits.” No wall will change that incentive.

Another issue that pundits look at is the cost of health care. You probably have insurance on your house. Not because you expect it to burn down but because that is a rare but very costly event. It does not make sense to have “insurance” for routine expenses. What would happen to the cost of food if everyone had “food insurance”? You would go to the store get whatever you “needed” and the insurance would pay for it. To have “insurance” for routine health care means that nobody is concerned with limiting costs. The system we have was put in place during the war when wages could not be raised but “benefits” could be added. It no longer makes sense.

The third issue in today’s discussion is affordable housing. If you look along East Avenue in Westerly you will see many similar small houses. That is affordable housing that can’t be built today. Zoning laws and building codes have done little but increase the cost of housing. Years ago a house owner could rent a property and see to it that it was properly used by the tenants. Today renters have “rights.” The right to not pay the rent, trash the place and move out. The socialists don’t want people to live in slums. Never mind the fact that they live there by voluntary agreement with the property owner.

The letter by Sam Parente in the Jan. 27 Sun was right on. The headline, not so good. It is the whole country that is heading toward socialism.

Vic Arnold


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