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The national debate regarding abortion-on-demand rages on unabated; however, very recently, some of the abortion supporters have endorsed a degree of barbarity into the matter not witnessed since the recorded barbarity of the Nazi holocaust. In a word, it is called infanticide, or the killing of an innocent and defenseless baby. These are babies either brought to term, or are about to be born, and will either be killed outright, or, they will be left unattended to die.

Now, statistics tell us that most folks believe that human life begins at conception. So how is it that America, a country founded on the principle that each and every life is endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, not the least of which is life itself, has obviously entered into a Faustian bargain with the devil? How is it that America, a country that saved earth from brutal savagery twice in the 20th century, now, inexplicably, finds itself guilty of unimaginable demonic barbarity that we fought so valiantly to defeat? The answer to these queries can be answered quite easily, by merely looking back at our society over the past 30 to 50 years.

We’ve been told (lectured to) ad nauseam, that the right to an abortion is found in the US Constitution; it is not. Others believe that there is a law; there is no such law. No, Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 by a handful of black-robbed (unelected) judges that essentially made it up; a disgraceful decision from our Supreme Court that will stain America forever. This is not my opinion, it is the collective opinion of several legal scholars, e.g., the late SCOTUS Judge Antonin Scalia, Prof. Alan Dershowitz (Harvard Law), et al, all of which have written extensively in criticism of the 1973 decision.

Lastly, who among us truly supports this demonic evil? Who among us will stand to defend the defenseless babies? I respectfully suggest that all ponder the matter over the next 20 or so months, and search your conscience very carefully before you enter the voting booth in November 2020.

Mike Latham


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While I support your opinion on this matter, I will ask that you have your facts straight. Alan Dershowitz is a passionate supporter of a woman's right to choose. Please see this video where he discusses how the Supreme Court decision hurt the choice movement...not that he does not support the movement. As a matter of fact right off the bat he states, "I support a woman's right to choose, I always have. I strongly support a woman's right to choose."

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