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With regards to the letter of Mr. Mageau in the Dec. 24-25 edition of The Sun, “Comparing Trump to Hitler despicable,” which is replete with inane claims, assertions, and “alternative facts,” it should be brought to Mr. Mageau’s attention that after all of his “research,” it would appear that he has failed to discover that President Trump, much like Hitler, is a total fraud and a con man, for at least six decades.

Mr. Mageau should take solace in Trump’s pronouncement, “I love ignorant people.” Given that he surrounded himself with so many, and solidified his base, it’s fair to say he does indeed love ignorant people.

Mr. Mageau makes reference to the “amazing accomplishments” of President Donald J. Trump. Does that include his inept handling of COVID-19 and the 340,000 dead? Does that include the 20 million vaccines available by year’s end with only 2 million of them actually administered as of Dec. 29?

Of course, Trump was preoccupied with how to steal the election.

John A. MacDonald


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