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In the Rev. Ruth Shilling Hainsworth’s rambling guest opinion (“The light and darkness of Christmas,” Dec. 16), I’m not sure if she was interested in sharing the joy of Christmas or starting a race war. Most Christians have been taught that the “Christ” child is the son of God. Perhaps Rev. Hainsworth would like to tell us what color God is? Does God have blond hair and blue eyes? Has she seen him? Is God white? Did he pass his genes on to his son? Is God a Jew or is Jesus only part Jewish? Perhaps in her innate wisdom Reverend Hainsworth would like to explain her rational for telling us her fantastic tales.

I think that we can all agree that Mary mother of Jesus may have had dark skin like a Palestinian, but to make an accusation that the figurines used in the creches depicting a white baby Jesus, a white mother and white shepherds are racist is patently absurd. Is that the intent?

Moreover, by expressing views about “black jelly beans” and other black items as racist, Reverend Hainsworth relies on oxymorons to deliver a sermon that smacks with political overtones and makes us wonder what her real objectives are.

James M. Mageau


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