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I think that most of the town of Westerly was in shock when the Town Council voted to kill our schools building plan on Monday. It appears that they killed it because they don’t want a new school built.

OK, I get that. I don’t want a new school built either, BUT, could we not use the tens of millions of dollars that the state is offering us in matching grants to renevate our existing schools that are badly in need of repair?

This process has not been pretty with two proposals already being rejected by the voters, but you do not just take your ball and go home just because you don’t like the way the game is being played. You get back to work and you find solutions.

What the town council has done is basically shut down the whole process. What is their plan? They owe the citizens of Westerly an explanation of how do we move forward without up to a 50% state funding match from the state? Do they expect Westerly taxpayers to now pay the full freight of school renovations? Where do they plan on getting the funds to pay for this if not from Westerly taxpayers?

We are all interested in hearing their game plan going forward.

Philip Overton


The writer is a former Westerly Town Councilor.

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