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For the last year, I have presented proof showing that critical race theory’s tenets and pillars are being taught in Westerly Public Schools. The recent Judicial Watch story regarding teacher bias training has exposed Westerly Public Schools’ “leaders” on a national level for the frauds and liars they are.

Through this mandatory bias training, our good teachers are shamed, demeaned, and threatened, and they are made to push this poison down to our kids. This leaves no doubt, as I have said for over a year, that the characteristics of CRT permeate Westerly Public Schools.

I call for the immediate firing of Superintendent Mark Garceau and Assistant Superintendent Alicia Storey. School Committee Chairwoman Bowdy must resign, as well as any other School Committee member who voted to implement this training. If not, you will face recall. I also call for Westerly Teachers Association head Colleen Saila to step down, and pledge my support for any WPS teacher wanting to come forward. I am easy to find. The truth will always win.

Much, much more to come. As always, we march on for our kids, our good teachers, and our country.

Robert J. Chiaradio Jr.


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