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Earlier this year, being fed up with local politics and a Town Council that rarely listens to the people, and often stifles public comment, I decided to stop complaining and run for that office to try and make a difference. What a trip it has been.

Shortly after starting this process a lot had changed in my life. With the never-ending demands of work, a major medical issue in the family, and the loss of child care, finding four hours of broken sleep during the day was a rare blessing. A rigorous campaign effort was nearly impossible. I did the best I could, with the time I had, mainly with the help and support of many people. To them, I can’t thank you enough, especially my wife. And for those who voted for me, it truly means the world.

Although I wasn’t victorious, I was, however, extremely pleased with the results. Throughout this process, I was able to meet and talk with the other candidates, and was pleased to hear we were so similar on so many topics. They’re an intelligent and caring group, dedicated to what is in the best interests of the people of Westerly, and they truly care about our thoughts and opinions. I was a little disheartened, however, to hear one of the candidates said some disparaging comments about others while campaigning at the Senior Center. But otherwise everybody ran a positive campaign based on their merits, abilities, and beliefs, a rare occurrence in today’s political theater.

To Dylan, Bill, Joy, Kevin, Phillip and Ed, congratulations on running a classy and successful campaign. I’m extremely excited to see all the great things this council will accomplish and the collaborative efforts that will give us, as residents, a better quality of life. I want them to know that they have full access to my help and support and I will be cheering them on as they make waves throughout our fun-loving, beachside community.

Mark Melvan


The writer was a recent candidate for Westerly Town Council.

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