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I’d like to single out the Westerly Town Council for its quixotic effort in saving Mother Earth.

Since the council has obviously accomplished making sure all of our roads are paved, sidewalks repaired, obstructing trees and limbs cleared from all power lines, and ensuring that every tax dollar is spent efficiently, the council has now turned its attention to saving our planet.

Specifically, the council is considering banning plastic bags now, and styrofoam take-out containers, straws and even balloons possibly later.

Here are some suggestions humbly offered for the council to consider:

1. If you’re going to ban stores from providing plastic bags free of charge, doesn’t it make sense to ban them from selling them as well?

2. Why not ban plastic cutlery from all restaurants?

3. Ban street vendors from selling their plastic wares during parades and the Summer Pops.

The council could show us all how to improve the earth’s chances of survival by their own example, for instance:

1. Council members walk to the Town Hall.

2. Turn off the air conditioner when in session.

3. Turn off half the lights when in session. All of them when in closed-door meetings.

For my part, I’m taking advantage of those spray-painted bicycle signs and riding my bicycle in the middle of the road during the busiest times of the day.

“Think globally, act locally.”

Michael Miller


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