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In response to Jay Lustgarten’s letter of Friday, Nov. 15: While I appreciate the sentiment of wanting to acknowledge Native Americans by placing a statue in Westerly, you suggested the park. Perhaps you are unaware that Watch Hill is a part of Westerly and there is already a statue honoring the indigenous peoples who lived here prior to the arrival of Europeans. The bronze statue is of the Narragansett Indian sachem Ninigret, known as “the Guardian of Watch Hill.” It’s a wonderfully rendered statue and fulfills your desire, as you put it, to recognize Native American contributions to the development of our great country.

Additionally, and just to clear the record, Columbus wasn’t a “flat-earther.” The ancient Greeks first posited that the earth was spherical and virtually no educated individual in Columbus’ time believed the earth was flat. He sailed to find a find a western sea route to China and India.

Pam Salimeno


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