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The 2018 Westerly Sun People’s Forum has become “Zombie Times” after the Dec. 9 letter, “Guns don’t kill people. You need a human for that,” which mirrors Mike Latham’s April 13 answer to the 2017 statistic of 109 daily gun deaths (39,773 gun deaths per 365 days, per the CDC) as explained in his, “The left is missing the real issue – drugs” letter to the editor. Both featured identical canned talking points with corresponding identical “what the …” wackiness. 

So Messrs. Mageau and Latham want to reduce deaths by drug overdose? Fantastic, there are thousands who need your help! But do you really think the best way to help reduce drug overdoses is by denigrating the very real need to regulate guns? Yes, we need efforts to help the drug-addicted, but we do also need efforts to help the gun-afflicted with gun regulation, the urgent and obvious path. 

U.S. life expectancy declined for first time since 1993 (per the Dec. 16 New York Times), which is both perplexing and understandable (do you want to live in a country Presidented by Donald Trump?), with suicides a significant factor (as well as drug overdoses) in the decline. Suicide by gun is perhaps the most effective means to kill yourself. Do you think all gun owners should pass an “ownership fitness” background check?

Question: Are Messrs. Mageau and Latham really interested in helping the drug-addicted or might they be weakly stumbling on fictitious talking points for a gun-advocacy foothold? The stakes are too high and the outcome too critical to give this issue a miss. With an average of 109 gun deaths every day in modern America, roughly 26,050 people have died in the 239 wasted days between the two letters cited above. Similar to climate change, dismissing these overwhelmingly very real threats as “fake news,” “job-killers” or  “Democrat overreach” can never wash the permanent stains off Congress or Mr. Trump’s Republican hands.

Jay Lustgarten


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