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“Collusion? Giuliani walks back remarks,” in the Jan. 18 Sun, is yesterday’s and tomorrow’s crisis with Trump’s longest government shutdown in U.S. history crisis sandwiched in between.

We interrupt these crises for some comic relief: “In a Fox News interview last May, Giuliani described the idea of Russian collusion as “total fake news” and said, “Unfortunately, it has become the basis of the investigation. Mueller owes us a report saying that Russia collusion means nothing, it didn’t happen.”

Didn’t happen, Mr. NYC 9/11 Mayor? You mean like Iraq’s 9/11 attack bringing down the World Trade Center towers didn’t happen? “I can only speak of what I know and that is that I have no knowledge ….”

Enough said, thank you. Paraphrasing William Shakespeare: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” for Messrs. Trump & Giuliani: “A lie by any other name smells as odious”. Fake news, alternative facts, falsehoods — thanks for the truth decay. More than 40 years after Johnny Paycheck sang “Take This Job and Shove It,” are you inspiring a “Take No Collusion and Shove It” rewrite? Or is your target “Take Your Wall and Shove It?”

At a $5.7 billion startup cost, that means every one of the country’s 328 million people (2019 population) would be on the hook for $17.37. Will that be cash or charge? We know “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but hey Mr. Trump, if it don’t need fixing, don’t break it! Americans don’t support you breaking our government for your vanity wall project.

Jay Lustgarten


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Walt V

Why is it a vanity wall when President Trump wants it? Liberals supported walls until current president wanted one. Even speaker Pelosi has a wall around at least one of her many properties.

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