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The Richmond Town Council will be overstepping its bounds if members vote to pass the “Second Amendment Sanctuary Town” resolution. Proponents of this movement, which has been spurred by extremist groups including “Patriot Prayer,” encourage local law enforcement not to enforce gun-safety, background-check, and firearms regulations that are contrary to their political views. They would claim that any firearm laws which have been passed in Rhode Island are unconstitutional and infringing upon their 2A rights, when in fact the laws that are passed have gone through proper legislative channels, often over the course of years and with much vetting and revision to ensure that they are constitutionally sound.

I am curious as to whether the Town Council has asked Chief Johnson and members of the Richmond Police force to weigh in on the issue. Are members of our police department willing to abandon their oath to uphold the law, no matter if they personally agree with a specific law?

Several Town Council members claimed they heard from more people supporting the resolution than those who oppose it. Richmond residents, if you are appalled at the thought of your Town Council endorsing a resolution that thumbs its nose at the rule of law, pick up the phone or email them before the meeting on Tuesday, May 14, at 6 p.m. at Chariho Middle School, and tell them to vote no on this resolution that only the NRA could love.

Kristen P. Chambers


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Thank you Kristen. I also enjoyed your letter decrying Providence becoming a sanctuary city protecting illegal aliens in violation of the law. Thanks for staying balanced.

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