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This month a professor at the University of Rhode Island wrote in his blog that he saw nothing immoral with murdering someone if they were a “fascist.” He was remarking about the murder of a Trump supporter by a member of the so called “antifa” group in Portland, Ore.

The exact words of history professor Dr. Erik Loomis, professor of history and director of graduate history programs, were “there’s nothing wrong with it (murder) from a moral perspective because he was a fascist”. Not only was he not fired or disciplined or even criticized by URI for this statement, he was defended by university president Dr. Dooley on the grounds of his free speech rights.

This is not the first outrageous published statement by Loomis. He has in the past written that the NRA president should have “his head on a pike,” that the Republican Party stopped caring about COVID-19 when they found it affected poor minorities disproportionately, that the GOP is the party of “ethnic cleansing” and that Fidel Castro was an “inspiration.”

I do not argue that Loomis is entitled to his private views. But, that he can continue his diatribe of inflammatory statements without sanction from his university is beyond belief. Had he uttered even the mildest criticism of BLM or LGBT or the myriad of other “pet areas” of today’s universities, he would have been castigated or sacked immediately. However, he is free from sanction and may spew his venom provided he aims at approved targets. This is how far we’ve come! This is the monumental hypocrisy of our state university, its president, Dr. Dooley, and hundreds more colleges like it.

I wrote this letter since I saw no mention of any of this in The Sun. It was explained to me that the paper relies on the AP for its out of area newsfeed and sure enough, there was zero coverage by them. To the credit of the paper, Editor Corey Fyke encouraged me to write to bring this matter to the attention of readers.

George Visgilio


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