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Four of my opponents in the race for Richmond Town Council are circulating a flyer with misinformation about me and the other independent candidates. Here are the facts about me as a true independent.

I am a business owner. I have a law firm with employees, and I understand how to manage expenses based upon how much income is received.

I was on Richmond’s Charter Review Commission with Democrats, Republicans, and other independents. None of my opponents sought to be on the commission, nor did any of them come to any of our public meetings when proposals were being discussed to voice the concerns they now claim to have. The commission has proposed changes to the charter to get more residents involved in the approval of the town budget through an all-day referendum. We unanimously concluded that the town manager is the best person to hire camp counselors, clerks and/or laborers, rather than the Town Council.

I attended a Richmond Democratic Town Committee event because I, and other independents, were given the opportunity to speak. As an independent the only way to get my message out is by speaking to people. I don’t have outsiders funding mailings and flyers. Out of courtesy I bought a ticket to the event. If the Republicans had invited me to their events so I could speak, I would have attended and purchased a ticket.

I know who I am and I’m proud that I am a person who can listen to others and not judge an idea based upon who has it. I have made my positions clear on my campaign Facebook page, during the candidates’ forum (video on my campaign page), and in the League of WomenVoters South County Voters Guide published in the newspaper. I will employ a thoughtful approach to issues before the Town Council. I will look for solutions based upon facts, not hyperbole and rhetoric. I will do my homework. I will always be guided by what is in the best interests of Richmond and all its residents, not just those that may be most vocal (like leaders of town political committees). A vote for me is a vote for independent solutions that will not be influenced by any party or group.

Mark T. Reynolds


The writer is a candidate for Richmond Town Council.

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