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“Chief of staff says Dems will ‘never’ see Trump tax returns” in the April 8 Nation & World section of The Westerly Sun makes me think, which world is this?

“Nunca diga nunca” (never say never, Senor Mulvaney) as your “dangerous precedent” accurately describes Americans’ wrestling match to regain a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” from Trump’s Republican forces trying to remake it a government “of Trump, by Trump, for Trump.” Mulvaney tried to cast this as old news” like Pearl Harbor is “old news” but it doesn’t make the Japanese look any better.

“The American people elected him anyway”? Wrong! The electoral college elected him anyway as 2,864,903 more pro-Hillary Americans voted against Trump than for him. Isn’t it ironic how the 2016-18 Republican Congress refused to do their presidential oversight job, which resulted in a 2018 midterm get-out-of-town landslide, with the new Democratic majority now accused of pulling a “political stunt” for seeking Donald Trump’s 2013-18 personal returns? This follows: 1. The Trump Foundation’s December shutdown after a New York Judge cited “a shocking pattern of illegality”; 2. Former campaign manager Paul Manafort going to jail for fraud & conspiracy; and 3. Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen going to jail for lying to Congress and federal fraud.

Michael Cohen tells us Trump’s taxes reveal the illegal practice of inflating property value real estate holdings to obtain bank loans while concomitantly deflating the value of same properties for tax purposes, never mind the Sept. 26, 2016, debate-stage brag of “that makes me smart” about paying no taxes. Never mind that no American bank would touch Trump, forcing his patronage of the German Deutsche Bank. Given these political, economic, partisan, déjà vu or (fill in the blank) facts, Congressional oversight favors a 2013-18 Trump tax analysis, unless of course you’ve been installed in your current position specifically to protect Trump as all eyes refuse to turn away from newly installed chief of staff Mulvaney, FBI Director Wray, Attorney General Barr and Supreme Court justice Kavanaugh.

“I’m under audit. When you’re under audit you don’t do it,” Trump says, amusing the IRS but leading one to wonder whether that’s one of the 8,158 false claims, aka lies, Trump told during his first two years in office per the Washington Post. Between Trump’s USA “immigration crisis” ripping babies from mothers’ arms, a record-breaking $891 billion 2018 trade deficit, Affordable Care Act elimination that would strip health care coverage from an estimated 20 million Americans, and hidden taxes most likely forcing the balance of Americans to cover for him, does Trump give us the “lexiadys” president?

No one ever accused Mr. Trump of acing American history, but his policies make you think his dyslexic Lincoln take is “charity toward none, with malice for all,” unless you happen to be a billionaire or a climate-change denier.

Jay Lustgarten


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Rich R

It's April 2019, and it appears as though some of Hillary's backers, still have not gotten over the loss. Our system uses the Electoral College for a reason, to keep large states from disproportionately effecting the outcome. Trump's election was a historic win for the voters, who wanted wholesale change in the Federal Government. IMHO, the relentless attack on Trump and the despicable way his supporters are cast, will lead to a loss, once again, for the Dems in 2020.

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