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Every day the emperor stands naked in front of the world revealing his ignorance, mendacity and utter lack of compassion for the millions of people who are suffering under this crisis. He has known about the impending threat for months and not only did he not act on it, but he did everything possible to suppress the advice of experts.

Now, because our Stable Genius values the dollar way more than human life, he wants to countermand orders to shut businesses and shelter in place, which are the only proven ways to curtail the spread of the virus. He’s also prescribing totally bogus and dangerous treatments based on his gut feelings. Anthony Fauci, toady though he may be, is the only voice of knowledge and reason, but he’s on the verge of being fired.

Donald Trump is a menace to society. It’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him before he kills us all. President Pence (shudder) must immediately appoint an emergency commission of scientific experts to see us through this crisis.

Joseph Light


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Why does The Sun continue to print garbage like this without providing substantiation for their claims? Trump as prescribed nothing, nor can he. Hydroxychloroquine is not bogus and was used in Chine and South Korea to get the virus under control. It has also been tested by world renowned French microbiologist and medical doctor Didier Roult with remarkable effectiveness against the virus. Stop watching Rachel Madcow, your brain needs some factual information.

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