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Thanks for your Aug. 24 piece titled “Warren seeks end to heritage controversy” that raises its own controversy: Can politicians admit wrongdoing and move on?

If you want perfect, name your dog Perfect and go to the doghouse, but we must choose among flawed candidates with some more flawed than others … here’s looking at you DJT as we can write books about Trump’s flaws? Notoriously cheap, Trump paid 35,000 1989 dollars, going out of his way to take out full-page ads in the four daily New York papers calling for death penalty reinstatement to murder five young men of color who were wrongfully convicted of the brutal rape and murder of a Central Park jogger. Netflix’s recent “When They See Us” tells this story even if DJT will not. So Elizabeth Warren releases “a 9,000-word opus on Native American issues” while never personally benefiting from her heritage claims per “an exhaustive analysis by the Boston Globe” as she seeks to move beyond this self-imposed millstone with a plan to make amends to the community, which may or may not be affected irrespective of “a strong likelihood of Native American heritage, most likely eight generations ago.”

Ms. Warren understands words may have unintended consequences, revealing a sensitivity that’s gone missing from the current White House White Supremacist in Chief who hides behind a tone-deafness that most definitely was heard by the recent El Paso mass murderer. “Native Americans and tribal leaders should consider who their real enemy is”. Really? What about all non-native Americans, non-tribal leaders and endangered species? What about Trump saying at one of his rallies, “Knock the crap out of them, I’ll pay legal fees,” in reference to protesters? Can anyone other than he get away with this disgusting behavior?

The story goes, “truth and justice, the American way,” but Mr. Trump turns it on its head. Trump lies 12 times a day? reported we’re now at over 12,000 lies since taking office. “Lies and injustice, the Trump way” ... we’ll find out in November if our fellow citizens make that the new American Way.

Jay Lustgarten


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