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The May 8th commentary titled “Gullible’s travels starring President Trump” makes some good points, but also makes a fundamentally flawed one that demands correction. Exhausting fact-checkers who might have jumped ship April 30th, what started out as misleading statements proceeding to false claims, the Washington Post (WAPO) counted 10,111 “irregularities” during Mr. Trump’s first 858 days in office, with the gloves-off “lies” now characterizing his daily modus operandi.

Stabilizing at 11.7 lies a day, or 2.03 an hour (yup, he lies even in his sleep), what an impressive total, from any perspective, U.S. president or not. I’ll take not, please. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you but try to fool me 10,111 times? While questioning the logic of ignoring our intelligence experts with face-value “believing” Kim Jung-un on Warmbier’s murder, Vladimir Putin on U.S. presidential election meddling, and the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince in the execution of WAPO journalist Kashoggi, this article disturbingly portrays Mr. Trump as an innocent abroad. “Gullible’s Travels” takes us all for a ride.

Most political pundits and journalists are letting us all down by not getting the real story behind the lie deluge that threatens our democracy with our Constitution largely silent against a pathological lying U.S. president. Constitutional crisis full speed ahead as the hidden Mueller Report and Trump’s tax returns likely provide answers. Ratings were not factored into the 1787 Constitution, but Mr. Trump was great for media’s bottom line, initially driving up ratings, which allowed him preferential treatment, providing round-the-clock free press coverage.

“Yet when it comes to leaders of enemy states and authoritarian regimes, he readily accepts and embraces outright lies and disinformation, allowing them to play him for a fool.” Forget what you think you know, as Mr. Trump plays the American public for the fool. Between 1985 and 1994, Trump was indeed a billionaire … in reverse. Trump’s business “genius” led his core businesses to losses exceeding a billion dollars, appearing to lose more money than any other individual taxpayer. Incompetence only exacerbates his terrible values that has our homeland embracing foreign dictators, alienating our closest allies as we abandon world treaties. And that horror ripping crying babies from crying mothers’ arms.

If you’re planning to go to heaven, does your future well-being depend on a stable climate? This land was made for you and me.

Jay Lustgarten


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I am very glad we have a President who is not a Career Politician for a change. The country needed help and Trump will see to it the country gets help even if the Democrats continue to try to stop him from doing the right things for the country. The Dems need to get back to the job they were elected to do . They have not done their jobs since Trump Won and it is getting ridiculous. Get back to work and stop being such poor losers!

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