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Life lessons come from many people. I learned from my parents, wife, children, teachers, neighbors and clergy. Boy Scout leaders, coaches and army drill instructors taught me much. Mentors, supervisors, and colleagues added to the learning. Each person taught me something of value. None of them taught values that are consistent with the behavior of Donald Trump. Rather, they discouraged such behavior. We knew in 2016 that Trump has no values. Nothing since showed that he is willing to change as many of his supporters claimed he would.

Before 2016, Trump earned a reputation as a racist divider. He cheated on his wives, and in business. Since 2016, he has added to his loathsome image. As president, he showed he could betray United States allies, and the Constitution. He showed it when he sided with Putin in Helsinki, turning his back on our allies and our intelligence services. He showed it again when he sided with Erdogan against our Kurdish allies. The Kurds lost blood and treasure fighting at our side against ISIS. More recently he refused to face Putin about bounties Putin paid for American service men and women killed in Afghanistan. He betrayed his office and the American people when he shifted responsibility for fighting coronavirus to states. Instead of pulling us together in common cause, he created chaos. He routinely incites to divide Americans. Every day he shows contempt for other branches of government and the Constitution. Much of his behavior is mean and vindictive.

How can folks still support Trump? America used to support the underdog. When did Trump supporters stop rooting for the underdog and begin rooting for the mean dog? Do they understand the founders defined America in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution? Yes, the Constitution and the founders had flaws. Still, they gave us something to strive for, a more perfect union. Do Trump supporters think the Constitution and America is only for folks that look and think like them? Trump does. With his contempt for the rule of law, Trump threatens our Constitution. Trump supporters ignore it. They make excuses for him. Some even suggest God chose him. Do they make excuses for this inept, mean-spirited racist bully because in their hearts they are like him? Supporting Trump is inconsistent with love of country. If they can do no better for America than Trump, they should stop pretending patriotism and love of country. They should be honest and tell everyone they want a racist country with justice only for people like them. They should stop hiding behind fake patriotism while denying kinship with this horrible creature in the White House.

Joseph Sciarillo


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