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I for one was not surprised at the complete lack of decorum during the first presidential debate. I believe that Chris Wallace of Fox News made a respectable effort; however, the two competing personalities are diametrically opposed ideologically, coupled with their obvious dislike for each other. That explosive combination tends to magnify the volatility of the major issues facing America, and makes it difficult, if not impossible, to garner any semblance of a respectful dialogue.

So, what if anything changed, and did we learn anything new? From my perspective, the answer is “No and No!” Their respective positions on all the major issues seem to be etched-in-granite, with little or no possibility for compromise. The following is a list major issues that have been atop the political marquee for several months, and what President Trump will do for us:

1. Taxes: Trump will continue to lower taxes across the board.

2. ACA/Obamacare: Trump will repeal the remnants of the ACA, in favor of a more cost effective federal program, without disturbing the majority of Americans having employer-funded plans.

3. Law enforcement: Trump will treat law-enforcement personnel (all of us, including elected officials) with respect, obey their commands while enforcing our laws, and will provide them all the tools they require to do the job.

4. Pandemic: Trump is of the opinion that the Democrats are using the virus as a political cudgel against him; he wants the country opened up now, as well as all schools. CDC guidelines will continue to be observed, and the availability of vaccines will continued to be expedited.

5. SCOTUS: Trump will get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed ASAP, and maintain the number of justices at nine.

6. Anarchy and law enforcement support: Trump says if you break our laws, you will be prosecuted aggressively to the maximum extent allowed. Trump has the support/endorsement of virtually every law-enforcement group/agency nationally (NYC is a first!).

7. Climate change: Trump exited the Paris Accords (never voted on by U.S. Senate; an Obama fiasco), repealed many needless and destructive Obama-issued presidential executive orders, and is opposed to any international deals that will hurt/destroy America’s economy.

There are of course numerous peripheral issues, not the least of which is the U.S. military, completely ignored by Obama/Biden for eight long years, but rebuilt by Trump in just three short years! The forgoing issues will likely determine the final outcome. In about three weeks, the polls will be open and voters will be faced with two possibilities: One, will they select a free economy, and honor our time-tested Constitution, the very things that incontrovertibly form the very foundation for the greatest country in history, or two, they will they take the left’s path, and slowly but surely cause our country to become a rather larger version of the failed socialist/communist Venezuela.

President Trump is correct in voicing his concern regarding uncontrolled mail-in ballots (not to be confused with absentee ballots). It isn’t just about the threat of fraud — poor timing, sloppy control, and incompetence can also contribute to mass confusion.

Some have opined that the final outcome will likely be decided by the SCOTUS, much like it was in 2000. There exists however, one other possibility. Several sources over the last few months have opined that the Hispanic and Black communities are leaning heavily toward President Trump (particularly the Hispanics). If that proves to be true, the matter will most certainly be decided on the evening of Nov. 3.

Mike Latham


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