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A recent article “Increases for Hopkinton, Richmond in proposed Chariho budget” brings to taxpayers’ attention an almost 5 percent increase in school costs this year. That is in addition to potentially unfunded school transportation costs from the state ($350,000) and the unknown of how much school aid our town will receive.

By the way — the state is facing a $160 million deficit. We can solve these and future financial issues right now: the Town Council can approve the Brushy Brook proposal.

We stand to gain $315,000 annually in property taxes alone in addition to: $70,000 from utility upgrades, energy savings for town buildings, $150,000 for Town Hall expansion, $130,000 for Ashaway School demolition and contributions to the land trust and local non-profits.

The solar project will contribute $17 million to our town over the life of the project.

Our town and its taxpayers are not in the position to turn our nose up at such an investment.

As a direct abutter to Brushy Brook, we support solar as our neighbor.

John and Martha Orlandi

Hope Valley

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Yes, at a glance all your tax issues are solved. I urge you to dig deeper into each of these mega solar projects. Many of your citizens oppose these projects on the following points.
1) we did not move to Hopkinton to live adjacent to manufacturing businesses. ( solar)
2) Our properties are zoned residential because people live here. If we wanted to live next to various business entities we would have moved other places.
3) we believe there has been an ignorance to current law ( spot zoning) and what it takes a town council to pass a motion when dealing with an adverse opinion of its own planning board.
4) we call it a contradiction of terms when a group of developers wants to destroy THOUSANDS of trees and call it solid environmental policy.
This is the wrong approach in the wrong town. Please read the current lawsuits filed on citizen groups that live and work around the same town as you.
I should also point out these projects overwhelmingly conflict with our towns comprehensive plan, which is roadmap to what type of place the majority want Hopkinton to be...please don't take my word for that just look at the planning boards opinion on every single one of the commercial solar projects. I could go on for hours but it's all been said before by others. Keep it green, and keep it country.


I agree. I don't understand the people in this town. Our taxes are outrageous, yet they protest every business that wants to come to our area. I'd like to know how they all can afford these high taxes. I have been here 42 years and don't know how much longer I'll be able to continue living here. We have no city services other than road plowing and "maintenance", and police. Bigger states out in the west don't have budgets this large. It's unacceptable.

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