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The May 8 letter “May is bike month, so get out and pedal!” wonderfully calls our attention to the magnificent world of biking. Infinite miles per gallon as bicycles follow the great “leave no trace” advocacy: “Leave nothing but tire tracks, take nothing but memories and kill nothing but time.”

Similar to a vegan diet, perhaps asking too much, but vegetarian living is absolutely reasonable. “Work to eat, eat to live, live to bike, bike to work” might be asking too much, but recreational biking for health, education, transport, environmental concern, local community support and clean air contributions are all absolutely worthwhile and reasonable.

Go at your own pace with biking’s inherit advantage: Even when you’re not biking, you’re biking, advancing toward your time or distance goal. This cannot be said about other exercise: Walking? Push-ups? Sit-ups? Swimming? When you’re not swimming you’re drowning, but biking is magic: slow down or stop pedaling for a brief rest and you’re enjoyably coasting toward your final destination. Have you seen the best movie on biking that I know of? Please see “Breaking Away” which features bicycling in John Mellencamp’s magical “Small Town,” Bloomington, Ind.

Biking can even aid your physical comfort where you can heat up by pedaling faster or cool down pedaling slowly through a refreshing breeze. Further, it’s a great transitional activity, enabling you to move on to a more challenging exercise or slow down from a more demanding workout routine. The first bicycle appeared in Paris in the summer of 1817, and while there’s been over two centuries of advancements and improvements, with some bicycles now costing more than cars, the basic simplicity of empowerment, control of your course, speed and effort can never be underestimated with a bicycle, route/course for nearly every age, budget, goal, physical condition, ability or interest. As Faith LaBossiere told us May 8th, “Get out and pedal!

Jay Lustgarten


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