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Last week there was a crew of at least 6 workers with four trucks and a police detail patching pot holes on Route 78 East in Westerly. No less than one week later, another crew came along and ground down that asphalt to make way for a new road surface.

Why are our tax dollars wasted filling potholes when they must have known they where just going to get ripped up the following week? How much did it cost the taxpayers of Rhode Island to have a crew of six union-contracted road workers, equipment, and material to patch pot holes for 8 hours?

The powers that be on Smith Hill are always bemoaning the “crumbling roads and bridges” all over this state. Maybe if there was some actual leadership in the DOT there would not be the disgusting levels of waste in that organization. The state would have plenty of money for road improvements if there was not such a huge level of waste, fraud, and abuse with the DOT and its contractors.

Truckers get the blame for the deteriorating roads and are tolled to pay for improvements. The average car won’t be far behind if the DOT continues to waste our money.

John Barth


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Thank you Mr. Barth is say the same thing daily. How many times have I seen in RI and CT, a road repaired only to be torn up within weeks of months? We now have too many things in common with the old Soviet government incompetence and it's not going to get better any time soon.

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