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This letter is written with the hope and prayer the legislators who are proponent of a bill that would allow abortion of a full-term baby will reconsider their stand. We feel that the passage of this bill will give Rhode Island the terrible distinction of being one of the few states to allow totally horrific procedure! We feel that in time this will weigh heavily mentally and spiritually on those involved.

Fortunately there are so many options to the woman in crisis. First of all, they do have a choice, a choice to choose life with the help of Pregnancy Centers. The professionals working there care deeply for them and are trained to help make the right decision for them and their babies, to choose life. After making that decision, they will be given the baby clothes and furniture they need to see them through the whole process of caring for their babies.

Before pregnancy, if a couple decides they are not ready yet to have children, they can always use Natural Family Planning. To help with that process there are teachers to help them understand how to do it.

To repeat, that in the light of these opportunities of help to those who are overwhelmed by their situation, we ask once again that those legislators who support this horrific bill that would snuff out an innocent, vulnerable baby’s life have a change of heart and choose life.

We are so happy our mother chose life. Aren’t you?

Antonio and Caolyn Trebisacci


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I can not believe Any state would allow Full-Term abortion but I am in favor of Pro-Choice. If the fetus is Not Viable outside the womb then an abortion should be allowed.

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