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Recently three members of the Hopkinton Town Council voted in favor of rezoning 172 acres of residential land, directly abutting over 60 homes, to commercial zoning to facilitate a massive solar plant.

They did so after the residents showed up at the hearings and pleaded, reasoned and cried; and after receiving countless heartfelt letters and emails voicing legitimate concerns.

It took many, many lies to get to the vote on June 10th ... here are just a few of the standouts:

The developer said they would meet the requirements of the newly adopted solar ordinance with land coverage of 3% or 3 acres, whichever is less — yet this proposal is for 64 acres. That was a lie.

The developer said of the proposed 70,000 panels taking the place of 6,700 trees: “You won’t even know it’s there.” That was a lie.

During her monotonous diatribe, one town councilor very carefully said, “you won’t see it from the first floor” ... very clever, but we saw what you did there! Nevermind that almost all the homes are two-story!

Another town councilor, while justifying her vote, said “the proposed changes are suitable to the character of the location in question.” Seriously, who do you think you’re kidding? That’s a lie.

Then a councilor introduced a letter stating that there would be no negative property value impact to abutters. Not only is this ridiculous, but the information was provided after the hearing was closed. Par for the course and — you guessed it — a lie.

“The property will automatically revert back to residential afterward.” It sure sounded good, but it was ... a lie!

Now let’s get to the truth:

The truth is ... this is a textbook case of spot zoning.

The truth is ... the developer has no right to put more than 3% or 3 acres on the land.

The truth is ... the abutters will defnitely know it’s there.

The truth is ... of course the property values will be negatively impacted.

The truth is ... the Skunk Hill proposal site is the worst place you could have considered for an industrial solar facility.

The truth is ... 172 acres will remain commercially zoned.

The truth is ... the three yes votes did not consider one word of the residents’ concerns — we may as well have stayed home. They had their minds made up long before the public hearings.

This is far from over ... the truth has a way of shining through.

NOTE: To watch our Town Council President Frank Landolfi attempt to silence me, thereby interfering with my First Amendment rights, during the public forum portion of the July 1 Hopkinton Town Council meeting, go to the website and click on meetings at the top of the page. Choose the video option and start at minute 42.

LouAnne McCormick


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Ms. McCormick, like others, is to be commended for her cogent comments regarding this solar project and its lack of value to the community at large. The Hopkinton town council members voting for this and their rationale, besides containing the lies pointed out by Ms. McCormick, are shameful examples of how our elected officials become representative of their or other special interests rather than representing the people who elected them. Mr. Landolfi is, in my opinion, the most egress offender though Ms. Capalbo runs a VERY CLOSE second. They seem to cherry pick their facts, appear to ignore the concerns of the electorate and their actions seem to proceed from their delusional idea of what constitutes 'fiscal responsibility'! This, despite clear evidence to the contrary. A 'real' accounting of the cost benefit, which this council has NOT performed would illustrate just HOW delusional the 'pro' council members are. Will we ever get such an accurate accounting? At this point, I would suggest the answer is no since, again, in my opinion, the king and queen of the council would fear the result. Finally, this appears to have moved beyond the realm of reason or persuasion. It has progressed to the point where the amateur politicians can no longer gracefully admit they might be mistaken. As sad as that is, the rest of us needn't enter the delusional world except to rescue our fellow humans, bringing them from their fantasy world and back to reality. Frank! Barbara! Run to the light!...Run to the light!


You have nailed it, Lou Ann! Please submit this to the Pro Jo too. It is more than a local issue at this point. Thanks you for expressing the thoughts of the 800 in Hopkinton who signed the petition against solar sprawl.

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