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The Sun relies heavily on partisan Bloomberg News, a global media giant employing 2,700 journalists around the world, for opinion pieces. The Editor-in-Chief John Micklewait has just advised employees that they will continue to eschew investigating Mr. Bloomberg, his family, and foundation, in line with a policy established in 2016, now that he has announced he is running for president. In an effort to be “fair,” the prohibition will extend to his Democrat rivals as, Mr. Micklewait wrote, “we cannot treat Mike’s competitors differently.” But, the company will continue to investigate President Trump, and it must be deduced, his family.

Top editors Timothy O’Brien and David Shipley are taking leaves to join Bloomberg’s campaign. Former editors have decried the abandonment of journalism and criticized the policy strenuously. As if that matters. Appearance of rank favoritism? You bet. The Sun should establish a moratorium on Bloomberg op eds until after the election. As Bloomberg News has jettisoned journalistic integrity, the Sun should find theirs.

Pam Salimeno


Editor’s note: The Sun will continue to publish some analytical Bloomberg Opinion pieces on a variety of topics, as they are the opinions of the authors only. We will not be publishing editorials, which represent the opinion of the Bloomberg Editorial Board. The Sun does not use any news coverage from Bloomberg.

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