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About a month ago, my husband took a subscription to The Sun — over my protests. Why was I protesting? One has only to check out the July 26 issue of The Sun to understand why I protested so strongly.

The first page, however, more than justified my husband’s decision. The story about Father Capoverdi and the two wonderful “Carey girls” was inspiring. For them to have the courage, faith and skills to initiate any kind of educational endeavor, let alone such a sensitive and demanding one as a pre-school, in this sad period in Rhode Island’s educational history, is amazing. But, if anyone can deliver excellent results, the two Carey girls will do so! God bless them.

Then, I turned to Page 4. And I was sickened by the depths to which The Sun’s self-righteous editor has sunk this time! Even the youngest child in the family would “get” this miserable “joke.” Thank you, sir, for your alarming insensitivity! But, to indulge in your feeble joke at the expense of such a fine man makes your actions even more despicable!

Please rethink the awesome responsibility that you have assumed as the editor of Westerly’s sole “hometown” newspaper. At the very least, please attempt to bring minimal “fairness” and “balance” to the Opinion Page. You have an enormous way to go to achieve that noble goal, but it is one that an editor of any single “hometown” newspaper is obligated to attempt!

Marilyn F. Brockmann


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