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In his letter titled “Local Republicans should denounce hate” (The Westerly Sun, July 31,) Mr. Jonathan Daly-LaBelle should get his facts right.

President Trump did not go after the City of Baltimore nor did he go after Congressman Elijah Cummings personally. What he said was that Congressman Cummings’ Congressional district, part of which is in West Baltimore and is infested with rodents and rats, wasn’t fit for human habitation and that he should go home and help to get it cleaned up.

What President Trump said is true! I have traveled through that area of Baltimore and I have seen it myself. The president’s remarks came only after Congressman Cummings publicly criticized the president for the living conditions of the immigrants being held in detention centers along our southern border.

Jonathan Daly-LaBelle should have his head examined for accusing President Trump of being a racist. The public record clearly shows that he and his administration have done more for the black community and other minorities than any other administration in recent history.

Conversely, Congressman Cummings is in trouble up to his eyebrows over where the millions of dollars in federal money has gone that has been granted to his Congressional district in Baltimore. Why is West Baltimore such a shameful, rodent-ridden, broken-down mess when the city has received millions of dollars in federal funding? It is the people who have to live there who are suffering! A large percentage being black people and other minorities. That’s the fault of the local corrupt politicians and Congressman Cummings, whose wife is raking in millions of dollars through a nonprofit organization that she runs.

They are the racist! Not President Trump because he called out Congressman Cummings and pointed out that the living conditions in parts of his district are worse than at the detention centers at our southern border.

Furthermore, to call our president a racist because he criticized the Rev. Al Sharpton is enough to make me puke. Sharpton has a long history of attacking white people, aka “crackers,” “Jews,”“Mormons,” “cops” and anyone else he doesn’t like. That’s racism!

The same is true about the other four that Daly-LaBelle defended. They to are racist, not President Trump!

James M. Mageau


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