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This week I was honored to dedicate the new intergenerational inclusive area in Ninigret Park while still honoring its former use as the Charlestown Naval Auxiliary Landing Field. The ceremony was a culmination of what once was a vision for the park and now is a reality. In attendance at this ceremony was Blake Filippi, member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives and the Rhode Island House Minority Leader; Megan DiPrete, the Chief of Planning and Development for the state Department of Environmental Management; Charlestown Town Councilor Susan Cooper; Parks and Recreation Commission Chairwoman Faith LaBossiere; Christine Holden and Doug Randall from the Parks and Recreation Commission; Mark Stankiewicz, the town administrator; and the public.

There are many groups, individuals, and organizations who were instrumental in the process that need to be thanked. They are as follows:

The Department of Environmental Management for offering the green bond iniative grant and for approval of our grant proposal;

The Town of Charlestown and the Charlestown Town Council;

The Charlestown Parks and Recreation Department administrative assistant Rebecca Crosby — with a vision you need someone who can compile your vision and make it a reality;

M.E. O’Brien and Sons — Meghan O’Brien for her guidance in every step along the way for this area, from the design layout to the actual equipment and installation;

Grayline Landscaping — Michael Gray for going above and beyond our final landscaping request;

Clark Farms;

V and M Construction.

It is truly exciting to have this project completed in Ninigret Park. We conceptualized a multi-functional area for all ages which includes exercise equipment, a cornhole area, ping-pong tables, picnic area, new shade structure, additional shade trees and new solar chargers.

We also considered the importance of maintenance for the future in this area while designing and installing durable equipment. We hope that the community of all ages can enjoy this area and come together to find a safe and peaceful way to recreate, especially after this COVID-19 health crisis. We strongly believe people need to be outdoors, and public recreation is important for not only physical health but for mental wellness.

Without the help of everyone this would not be possible, and we look forward to similar future projects.

Vicky Hilton


The writer is the director of Parks and Recreation in Charlestown.

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