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Once again I’m compelled to respond to the inane and irresponsible ramblings of Mr. Lustgarten (“Come election day, remember COVID-19” from Tuesday’s issue of The Sun). For his edification, et al, it is in fact a Chinese flu, simply because it emanated from Wuhan, China (technically, it’s merely another strain of the long-established coronaviruses; the (new) strain is COVID-19). In addition, we know (or strongly suspect) that it came from a so-called (filthy) wet-market in Wuhan. Further, when the Chinese scientists became aware of the threat that this new virus posed, and attempted to warn the outside world, they were silenced by the Chinese Communist government, which continued to lie to the outside world about what was actually happening in Wuhan. It wasn’t until mid- to late-December that the outside world became fully aware of the serious threat, but by then it was already too late; the virus had already started to spread worldwide.

By late 2019 and into early 2020, the WHO and many western countries offered to send their scientists to China to assist the Chinese in identifying the virus and to work on stop-gap measures. All offers of help were summarily rejected by the Chinese Communist government!?! As the days ticked by in January, and with most of the outside world still in the dark, the Trump administration was scrambling to develop a game-plan to deal with this new and very contagious virus. Their first major decision was to issue a travel ban (to and from China) on Jan. 31. In retrospect, that decision is probably the most important one made to date; however, initially, it was not well received by the left! No, all the left-leaning TV networks guffawed (CNN, MSNBC, CBS), the printed media (Washington Post, NY Times , etc.), much of the same. They all labeled it an unprecedented and irresponsible move, and called President Trump every name in the book.

Today, our scientists are telling us the U.S. activity curve regarding the subject is mimicking that of South Korea. That suggests we may be rapidly moving to the downside of the slope/curve. Several polling agencies revealed today that the public views the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic favorably; the low was 53% approval, the high was 61% approval.

I thank God every day that we have the Trump/Pence team in place to manage this crisis. I’m confident that with their leadership, we’ll come through this stronger than ever. I’m equally confident that come Nov. 3, the folks will remember those that supported our president and his administration in a time of national crisis, and those that were/are apologists for the Chinese Communist government.

Mike Latham


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