In my work, I see 50 to 75 Westerly-area residents in the course of each week, and in numerous conversations over my 35-year career I can safely say I’ve heard it all. Customers become comfortable sharing things with me, as I do with them. Health and health care are frequent topics, and experiences vary. You hear stuff, sometimes great, sometimes not so great. 

A recent health scare and an unplanned weeklong experience as a patient at Westerly Hospital prompts me to write, to share as loudly as I can how  fortunate we are to have in our community the caring people who really are the sum and substance of our hospital. I am told by the kind surgeon who cared for me in the hospital that the early decisions and actions by my gastroenterologist’s nurse practitioner and the swift evaluation and start of treatment at the Westerly Hospital Emergency Department most likely saved my life.

And if that weren’t enough, I had an inside look at the hospital and had a week during which to observe the care and attention provided to me and to other patients by very busy people who were professional, kind, and readily available. Things were explained, I felt safe at every point along the way, and the place is spotless. I was limited most of the time in what I could eat, but the dietician provided a cheerful visit just the same. I am just so thankful to everyone involved and have asked the hospital administration to be sure my appreciation is conveyed to those whose names I recall and others. 

“Saved my life” ... that is still sinking in. What if the hospital had not survived some of the tough challenges of a few years back and were not now strong and able to attract and retain the great people who work there and throughout the community? Don’t care to think about that. Just want people to join me in thanking our Westerly Hospital for being here, for me and for all of us.

Karin Silva Maychek


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