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About a week before the recent elections, we had a visit from Jennifer Douglas, the Democratic candidate for the District 34 senate seat. She was knocking on doors to introduce herself to folks in our area of Charlestown. We didn’t know much about Jennifer but after the 15 plus minutes she spent with us we were impressed with her position on issues that affected our little area of the state and her outgoing personality. 

On Wednesday morning after the elections I was interested to see the results and anxiously awaited delivery of our Westerly Sun. We were pleasantly surprised to see Ms. Douglas won 46 percent of the votes cast. That is a very strong showing from someone who came into the race late, received very little press coverage, probably had minimal financial backing from her party and was running against an incumbent. 

What drew my ire was the remark made by her opponent, Elaine Morgan, when interviewed by the Sun when she suggested her district “chose patriotism over socialism.” I re-read the quote a few times before closing my eyes and thinking I was looking at the internet site for one of the cable news outlets that uses that type of rhetoric on a regular basis. Why not a simple thank you to her supporters and congratulations to Ms. Douglas on a race well run. I believe Ms. Morgan’s remarks were uncalled for and inappropriate. When did Rhode Island become Florida?

I suggest our elected state senator look at Martha McSally’s concession remarks after the closely contested Arizona senate race. Ms. McSally was gracious in her compliments to her opponent, Kyrsten Sinema and pledged to continue working for the betterment of her state. 

By the way Martha McSally is a retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and colonel who flew in Iraq in “Operation Southern Watch.” I would call her a patriot. 

Ed Walsh


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