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A week in the U.S. energy capital Texas, that contributes more fossil fuel energy than any other lower 48 state:

Ain’t it rich that Trump’s Energy Secretary Rick Perry, was the 2000-15 Texas Governor. helping build Texas’ energy grid that’s now collapsing, inconveniencing millions, some to the point of death.which I guess is as inconvenient as it gets. John Lennon’s “In the end everything will be OK. If it’s not OK it’s not the End” words notwithstanding. Texas’s electric grid is climate change paralyzed while current TX Governor G Abbott scapegoats renewable energy (7% energy contribution) for the energy state’s energy debacle with Hillary Clinton retired from boogeyman duties and the yet-to-be-bested AlexandrIa Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) unavailable for assignment at press time. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is misplaced on the disgraced Texas energy blame displaced on frozen wind turbines that awkwardly substitute for natural gas pipeline freeze offs that fail to be recognized as the cold hard truth for the Texas freeze fall. .

Similar to the recently departed 45th best ever president committing unimagined brazen acts which surpassed worst case scenario protections that nearly broke our unprepared Constitution, the Arctic visits Texas where at 15 degrees,it was colder in some parts of Texas on Valentine’s Day than Anchorage, AK, electric grid demand also exceeded worst case scenarios, completely overwhelming the unprepared grid. Beyond stating the irony of the state of Texas stating renewable energy is to blame when their climate change contribution exceeds all other states is the irony of the country’s biggest climate change “bring it on” welcoming fossil fuel contributor asserting that fossil fuel (oil and natural gas) dependency is the answer their future energy needs. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” perhaps but never let a good climate go to waste either.

Jay Lustgarten


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