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Regarding “Supreme Court cops out on election rigging” in the July 1 issue of The Sun ... Really? Absolutely, your honor!

Hey Chief Justice Roberts, agreeing that gerrymandering “is incompatible with Democratic principles” ... if we cannot achieve justice through your Supreme Court, where can we turn, since the superficial proposal from “voters and state officials” is impossible in a politically gerrymandered world? Get out the vote met with get out the gerrymander map that only makes all results more extreme.

Sure, it’s nice to think justice is apolitical and Roberts may be correct that the U.S. does not have Obama or Trump judges, Bush or Clinton judges (which sidesteps the point that we absolutely have conservative Republican judges and progressive Democratic judges, which explains the repeated five Republican-appointed conservative judges’ decisions, limiting and reversing our “more perfect union” progress, which this gerrymander case perfectly illustrates).

While acknowledging perfect only exists in the dictionary, Scrabble board or doghouse (if you name your dog Perfect), equal protection under the law and fair and free elections are the perpetual goal. They’ve never been achieved, but like perfection itself, it’s a worthy goal that we all must strive for despite the recognition that we’ll never get there.

In conclusion, we need a Supreme Court that will work with us to end gerrymandering, not work against us.

Jay Lustgarten


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Mark Sullivan

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 28th that federal courts have no authority to decide cases claiming that partisan gerrymandering of legislative districts violates the Constitution. This is what the Supreme Court does; it determines what is, and is not, constitutional. Accordingly, the ruling could have implications for numerous states when they undertake the next round of redistricting after the 2020 census. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court's ruling is final, and any legislative effort to contradict the ruling will likely be thwarted at a lower level of the judiciary. Just because we claim to be a democracy, does not mean that every opinion is subject to plebiscite. Courts are designed to disappoint.

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