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In the Oct. 3 Westerly Sun we learn “Trump heads to hospital” after a positive coronavirus test. Let me get this straight: In Trump world, John McCain’s a loser for unavoidably getting captured in war, but Trump’s a hero for avoidably falling ill to the coronavirus that, nine months after its January discovery, has killed 214,617 Americans (as of Oct. 5). Second place goes to Brazil with 146,375 and yes, whoever has the most loses!

But the sole Trump world truth promises everything: Solid, liquid, gas, animal, vegetable, mineral, person, place, thing, and even rock, paper, scissors. Nothing is exempt from political calculation. With Trump achieving well-deserved polling deficits as his campaign strategies, like his legislative agenda, have all gone nowhere, does anyone doubt the president’s COVID “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em” position is just more political calculation as conflicting status and condition “news” is fake or not depending on whichever way the perceived political wind blows?

The administration now pushes a firsthand COVID experience as his strength over Biden, twisting COVID firsthand superiority, desperate to catch some political updraft. Americans are finally accepting this president’s reality with the election hinging on two unpredictable factors: 1. Will Biden/Harris’ victory be so overwhelming to be indisputable?; and 2. Can the Trump administration cheat and lie well enough to capture another election? Please do not allow Trump’s antics to turn you off and tune you out. We need every fair-minded American (is white supremacy a feature of American fair-mindedness?) to be tuned in to this election that finally makes every vote in all 50 states mean something.

YouTube John Mellencamp’s 1989 “Country Gentleman” for the “been there, done that” song about Republican Ronald Reagan, who admittedly necessitated more craftiness sans the Fox Noise partnership: “We never knew what really to believe / Just word upon slogan with emotional connection / And in the papers all we’d ever read is / So and so big-shot signed his resignation.” Scott Pruitt? Tom Price? Ryan Zinke? Jeff Sessions? Alex Acosta? Any more so and so big shots? Forty years later, the names and faces have changed but the sickening song remains the same.

Concluding on a positive, Joe Biden first campaigned for the 1988 presidency, ending in a disastrous plagiarism scandal. In a 2008 run, the presidential denial song remained the same. America loves a good underdog comeback story, and now, more than 30 years later, Biden’s positioned to become the oldest president-elect this country has ever known. This song remains the same: Obama couldn’t do it without George W. Bush’s failures, Trump couldn’t without Obama’s black unconventionalism, Biden would never be where he is without Trump’s titanic failures.

Jay Lustgarten


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