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Our Mother and Father are Spiritual in love. They choose to be together, and, from above, they join in love to bring us forth.

They wrap us warm in softest cloth. They feed us mother’s milk, like mother cow, and hold us close for hours, long years, and even now, they cradle us in sweetest lullabies, protecting us always from ever hearing goodbyes, because, once with us now, they never leave, they stay with us forever to save us from grief, no occurrence of despair, because, where we are, our Mother and Father are also there. With us they stay, never do they go away, for, it is not possible for their love to leave us behind.

Giving all Care, our Mother and Father care for us forever, and we care for them, they and us departing never. We are loving them always, and, on every yearly Mother’s and Father’s Celebration Day. We celebrate the holy presence of our parents’ love for us, throughout the life of our family. We give our thanks to them, our beautiful Mommy and Daddy, every day.

Have a good inspirational time Sunday, May 12, 2019, and, delightfully ongoing be our happiness.

William S. Marr


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